'FIFA 17' Latest News & Update: Player Ratings Out Ahead of Release: Where are Ronaldo, Messi & Neymar Ranked

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 29, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar are top three highest rated players in Electronic Arts latest iteration "FIFA 17." These trio 5* skillers are most coveted among "FIFA 7" characters because they offer good chances of beating the game.

EA Sports rating system for "FIFA 17" makes sense if compared to real soccer because Real Madrid's Ronaldo was awarded as Euro Best Player last month. Barcelona's Messi is arguably the best there is with multiple unsurpassed accolades while teammate Neymar is coming off fresh from Rio Games victory for Brazil.

According to International Business Times, EA started the "FIFA 17" ratings since end of August by presenting ten players every week. When the list narrowed into top 10 players, Ronaldo lands at top with Messi trailing at hairline difference. Neymar enjoys third through shared spot with Luis Suarez who is also making headlines in ongoing Premier League. Apparently, EA responded to requests that "FIFA 17" should feature realistic rankings based on current soccer developments.

"FIFA 17" rating is a shift of helm for Messi that led "FIFA 15" with 93 rating and "FIFA 16" with 94. Ronaldo was then consecutively on second row. However, this year's installment became a change of fate with Ronaldo at 94 and Messi dropping to second with 93.

Meanwhile, take note that "FIFA 17 ratings" was based on several in-game factors. According to Express, most that make up for ratings are data from ticket holders, scouts, coaches and sometimes plain guesswork. Michael Mueller-Moehring of EA explained that they took into consideration team strategies like Manchester City who love ball possession so in turn yields higher passing rates for players.

Another interesting factor is what Moehring called squad attributes. Say for example, Messi suddenly plays for lesser leagues, his rating will drop dramatically because he will never be considered as top level player anymore. In the end, guesswork is needed in these scenarios to determine which among soccer squads could yield better "attributes."

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