Twitter Sale Latest News & Update: Disney Joins Microsoft, Google, Verizon & Salesforce in $30 Billion Bidding War

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 29, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Disney, Microsoft and other tech giants are now getting toe-to-toe about the prospect of buying Twitter. So the bid begins to obtain one of the biggest social platform of this internet era.

There are reports earlier that Microsoft intentionally jacked up the price to deny a smaller Salesforce the opportunity to grab Twitter. However, it appears that this move sent a message to other big guns that the war is on. Google and Verizon followed suit while the original prospect Salesforce is juicing resources to keep up with the pace.

Then the Twitter sale tussle lands into another playing field because Mickey Mouse suddenly showed interest. According to Game Spot, Disney hired experts to analyze the financial viability of Twitter and so in turn determine how much are they willing to taunt. This new big bucks' carnival resulted into Twitter's stocks skyrocketing at mind-boggling 20 percent.

One interesting or rather queer detail about this Twitter financial battle is the coincidental second square-off between Microsoft and Salesforce. The latter was originally vying for LinkedIn sales in June when Microsoft barred the deal by offering $26 billion. Then here is the second time around where the two protagonists intertwine again. Disney, Google and Verizon is now part of the rumble though.

It is noteworthy that there are no definite details yet for Twitter followers waiting an update from this soon to be power shift. According to CNBC, suitors including Microsoft, Google and Disney are all good prospects. Even better is the Twitter board amenable to selling at $18 billion low to as much as $30 billion.

The same source revealed that Twitter is coveting to start the bidding as soon as possible and close the deal before the end of 2016. However, it is still stalemate situation with these tech giants for now. This is understandable because anyone who will make the first move will surely suffer bombardment from others.

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