Congratulations Microsoft: The Xbox 360 Is One Hell Of A Console

By Vamien McKalin email: , Updated Feb 04, 2013 09:54 AM EST

The Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console has surpassed expectations to become the top selling core gamer console ahead of the PS3. Seven years ago, no one would have even guessed the Xbox 360 would become so popular, and for that, we must congratulate Microsoft for a job well done.

Microsoft first came on the scene with the first Xbox back in 2001. Back then, Sony controlled the console industry with the PS2 which was released a year before the Xbox. When it came down to sales, the original Xbox did relatively well in North America with over 16 million units sold. However, that wasn't the case in Europe and Japan, which saw 6 million and 2 million sales respectively.

Overall, Microsoft sold 24 million Xbox units worldwide before the console was discontinued in 2005. If it wasn't for that 16 million units sold in North America, it's more than likely Microsoft wouldn't have bothered to look into launching the Xbox 360.

After experiencing relative success with the original Xbox, Microsoft made a bold move by launching the Xbox 360 a year before the Sony PS3. I call this a bold move because it was customary for every console manufacturer to launch a new console 5 years or more after the previous. However, Microsoft broke the rules and came out gunning earlier than expected. With no competition from Sony for a full year, the Xbox 360 managed to slowly create a market of its own, finally giving Microsoft a strong footing in the living room space.

When Sony announced the PS3, everyone thought the supremacy of the Xbox 360 would come to an end, but that would never be the case. At $600 and no good games for two years, the Sony PS3 handed the baton over to the Xbox 360 prematurely, which gave more room to the Xbox 360 to grow its ecosystem. Now with over 75.9 million units sold, Microsoft and the Xbox 360 can be considered as the ultimate underdogs, coming from nowhere to dethrone big bad Sony.

With the Xbox 720 and the PS4 slowly making moves to hit store shelves in 2013, the big question is - can Microsoft continue down the lane of success, or does Sony have an ace up its sleeve to make sure Microsoft doesn't run away with all the success, leaving the PS4 to play catch up again?

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