Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, News & Update: It’s More Than Just Dynamic-Fulcrum Hinge

By Lilibeth C , Updated Sep 30, 2016 02:27 AM EDT

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is to be released by Microsoft and this device will have better hardware and design. Other improvements from previous models are also expected from this device.

Microsoft Surface Book previous model received negative comments for its flawed physical appearance, especially for its gap on its hinge. The hinge was expected to transform the laptop into a tablet that also possess Windows 10 capabilities. But the users commented, saying that the gap on the hinge just allowed dust to enter the device when it's stored and that the gap is not nice to look at and some even called it ugly.

However, knowing all these negative attributes that the previous model possessed, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 that will be released by Microsoft will have a Dynamic-Fulcrum hinge. In this manner, the said device will have no more gap on its hinge and will look cool as well.

With its rumored power and specs, this device would run under the new Intel Kaby Lake series of chipsets. The new chipsets, which will might be released just in time for the Surface Book 2 is released, offer more power and processing abilities than the one before this device. University Herald relayed that the device is considered as one of the resilient device.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 device is also expected to be able to support a resolution that can reach up to 4K Ultra HD and can support virtual reality gaming. Another feature that is expected from this device is a Highly detailed 3D graphics for gaming and video playback purposes are also included in its features. However, its delay is causing qualms along with its rumored day, according to Vine Report.

Microsoft assured the they will not stop in finding ways to reinvent the hinge system, which was a major problem on the previous model. They said that they will look for better ways to improve it.

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