‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Third Party App Reaches Windows Phones; Users Not Keen on Integrating the Authentic Game Anymore

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 30, 2016 03:45 AM EDT

Windows Phone users are not interested on the "Pokemon GO" anymore. Reports revealed that, when the popular augmented game first came out, it's notable how it never landed on the Windows Phone platforms. Despite some Windows Phone users finding a way to play the game, it looks like majority of them have longed discontinued the game.

The "Pokemon GO" was popular in July. When August came, the whole world is smitten. It's the one game that literally put players on their feet. You can find a "Pokemon GO" player just about anywhere and at any time during the night. But that craze doesn't seem to rattle Windows Phone users. Apparently, a third party app has wounded its way on the platform. Despite Niantic's failure to augment the game on the platform, players were still able to play the game. Then few weeks ago, the petition to put "Pokemon GO" on the Windows Phone platform began to lose supporters.

Did users lose interest just when Niantics is deciding whether to put the game on the platform? Apparently not, but the emergence of the third party app called PoGo-UWP has allowed Windows users to play the game, without having to beg for it. TheBitBag reports that, at least 50,000 unique users have tried the app. This totaled to 1.5 million times, the app has been used by players.

Unfortunately, the PoGo-UWP is so unique, the technicalities of its download procedure sometimes challenges the players. Currently, Niantics doesn't welcome illegal and third party apps when it comes to the game's in-app usage. Windows users however found a way to do so.

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