'Resident Evil 7' Release Date, News & Update: Newest VR Demo Has Transformed Camera Works

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 30, 2016 11:45 PM EDT

"Resident Evil 7 biohazard" in virtual reality has made most gamers feel nauseated. The game's ER version allows the players to look around without any restriction by moving their head and using the right analog stick of a PlayStation 4 controller. The disorienting effect caused a lot of players to feel sick.

During the recent Tokyo Game Show, fans of the "Resident Evil 7"have tried the VR version of the game and observed a positive change when it comes to the way the game's camera works. This seems to be a great help especially to those who gets easily nauseated. However, it needs to strengthen its game design, IGN.

The latest TGS VR demo of "Resident Evil 7" depends mainly on the movement of the head to look around instead of using the right analog stick. The latter now revolves the camera either to the left or right direction in increments, which approximately ranges between 15 and 30 degrees.

For those players who haven't gotten the chance to play the Lantern demo and noticed the positive difference at Gamescom, the change may have been carried out last month. However, the TGS version of the Lantern demo seems to show a number of new additions according to Polygon. These include the horrifying scene of the Baker family at dinner, which was shown recently this week.

While the VR camera change may seem to provide players with a couple of advantages, the tan-like camera control, on the other hand, can possibly give the players a headache when navigating the game's derelict plantation house. Therefore, the precision control is more likely to be sacrificed.

Based on the report on the same post, Jun Takeuchi, the developer of the game, said that they are still continuously experimenting the game in PlayStation VR, so there's still a chance to further improve the "Resident Evil 7" in VR.

The newest VR demo of "Resident Evil 7" has transformed the way the game's camera works:

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