‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Has Rockstar Abandoned Next Installment?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 03, 2016 09:23 AM EDT

The best thing tied up to a possible coming of “Grand Theft Auto 6” is that Rockstar Games is working on it. As far as to what extent, it may be minimal.

As mentioned in a previous post, the most sensible date to expect “Grand Theft Auto 6” is 2018 which is pretty far off. In terms of progress, there are no details that ramp up expectations for gamers meaning its actual status is unknown.

Has Rockstar focused on DLCs instead?

The current game offering that Rockstar has is “GTA 5”. DLCs have been keeping players busy and some may be taking it in the wrong way. Many are under the impression that these expansions are eating up a lot of Rockstar’s time, “Grand Theft Auto 6” included.

The dish could make sense though a more mature way to look at it is seeing Rockstar focus on added content to keep gamers around. Also, many may want to consider that expansion packs are temporary measures – meaning Rockstar cannot depend on them forever.

Hence, “Grand Theft Auto 6” is still technically a need even if there are some who believe that it will be canceled, Neurogadget reported. With due consideration on the popularity of the GTA franchise, adding that as a possible answer is something that only an impatient person can think of.

Planning ahead with “Grand Theft Auto 6”

There is no telling what Rockstar’s roadmap is as far as “Grand Theft Auto 6” is concerned. The fact that they are working on one plus the global following on when it may possibly be released is more than enough to push the company to come out with a sixth installment.

Hence, it is all about keeping an open mind and adding a deep touch of patience for “Grand Theft Auto 6”. Rockstar has not touched on the matter (with good reason) so the chances of a GTA 6 is still technically alive.

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