‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: New Details Have Been Identified From Recent Nest Migration Update

By V Doctor , Updated Oct 03, 2016 09:16 AM EDT

A new update has caused some major changes in "Pokemon Go" but it has not changed and revamped the game in its entirety. Rather, the new update might cause a player to travel to other destinations instead of the usual spots for Pokemon hunting.

This is because this new update has changed the locations of Pokemon Nests, including those that spawn rare ones; in fact the migration has already begun. While this might change a little how players used to go around and search for Pokemon, there is still a lot that is to be uncovered about this latest update.

The BitBag reports that The Silph Road, a Pokemon Go community on Reddit, has done an awesome job of taking note of the changes to the rare nest migration. Even if the changes have not been fully documented, the community has managed to unveil a lot of stats regarding the migration, and they have been continuously working hard.

In the information that they have gathered, they report that there have been 918 brand new nests added to the atlas in the first few hours right after the migration. They also state that there have been 776 previously identified nests whose species are already re-confirmed post-migration and that there are already 57,606 total nest locations reported worldwide. They also state that there have been 70,734 total nest verification reports and that Seel is the most common nest after the migration. Finally, the report states that there have been 63 unique species already confirmed nesting after the migration which affected the nest locations.

Forbes reports that this rare nest migration had a lot of player confused when it initially rolled out as it did not arrive on schedule. The migration however did arrive with an update and it had made the game like nothing that it had ever been before. It is also reported that Niantic has totally randomized the spawn system but it did not affect rarity of Pokemon in any way. Of course, this has affected relative rarity as for example, the nest nearest a player used to spawn Eevees but now it spawns Dratinis.

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