Launch Trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 12, 2013 12:11 PM EST

With Aliens: Colonial Marines out today, it's only fitting Sega would release a launch trailer. If recent reviews are to be believed, however, watching this trailer may be as close to playing the game as you want to get.

Recent controversey aside, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a direct sequel to the movie Aliens. Players jump into the boots of a space marine returning to the planet LV-426 with another crew of grunts (one of whom must have at least a class 3 rating) to search the planet for the missing Ellen Ripley and fellow marines.

Despite poor reviews, the game could still be salvaged by DLC like Bug Hunt, the game's first add-on pack, adds a four-player survival mode, where marines take on increasingly difficult waves of Xenomorphs on three new maps: The infamous U.S.S Sulaco, Hadley's Hope, and the Alien Hive.  After Bug Hunt, publisher Sega plans to have three additional DLC packs trickle out between now and August. Neither Gearbox or SEGA have released information regarding DLC beyond Bug Hunt, but given Gearbox's record everything should be up to snuff. A DLC season pass is currently for $29.99 or 2400 MS Points. Sega has not announced pricng information for the game's upcoming Wii U release.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is out now for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The game will come to the Wii U in March.

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