‘The Sims 5’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: ‘The Sims 4: City Living’ DLCs Could Decide Fate

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 04, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

EA and Maxis continue to keep “The Sims 5” in check with most of the focus right now on “The Sims 4”. There is no credible information pointing to a fifth installment though much of that is largely because of the plight of the fourth installment.

As most know, a new DLC is set to come out this November for “The Sims 4” with the “City Living” expansion pack. This will be a paid add-on meaning it may not necessarily tilt the tide in ramping up the poor sales the game had. That said, even “The Sims 5” future may not be so bright, as mentioned in a previous post.

Make or break with “The Sims 4: City Living”

Apparently a lot hinges on how EA and Maxis are able to redeem the misfortunes of “The Sims 4” and the tactic seems to depend on the added content. With “The Sims 4: City Living” requiring payment it could be a ploy to draw back lost revenue.

For players, shelling out cash is something that holds no certainty meaning “The Sims 4: City Living” or any future planned expansions don’t return many promises of covering losses. Should that be the case, anything tied up to “The Sims 5” look bleak for now.

 The good news is that “The Sims 5” is not expected out before 2019. The long wait could turn up anything – including the needed convincing that EA and Maxis need to continue the saga of “The Sims" franchise.

From a business perspective, EA will need to analyze and figure if the ploy of releasing additional content is working or not. Rather than sulk, game developers may as well learn from the mistakes from “The Sims 4” and use those as points of improvement for “The Sims 5”.

EA and Maxis need to move forward and forget about the losses brought out by “The Sims 4”. All that is in the past as they need to apply improvements to an entirely new game in “The Sims 5” rather than trying to fix the fourth installment may not recover losses and gamer disappointment.

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