'NBA 2K17' Release Date, News & Update: Upcoming PC and Xbox One Patch To Come Soon

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Oct 05, 2016 02:24 AM EDT

"NBA 2K17," this year's much-touted and much-awaited installment of 2K Sports' popular basketball franchise, released slightly broken. After a lot of complaints from the player base, 2K Sports released the important Patch 1.03 for the PlayStation 4, but not on the other two platforms, leaving Xbox One and PC players high and dry.

It shouldn't take long for 2K Sports to come out with the fix, however, considering they've already managed to do it for the PlayStation 4 version of "NBA 2K17." Xbox One and PC players are bound to get it by the end of the week; the company knows they can't leave a significant portion of their player base waiting that long.

So what exactly does Patch 1.03 fix in "NBA 2K17"? Not everything, it seems, but it does fix a lot of issues both major and minor with the game. The Bitbag lists down a number of updates from the official 2K Sports patch notes, including important changes such as substitutions made during timeouts finally immediately taking effect, less lob passes from the A.I., and faster passes to teammates.

Over on the MyCareer/MyCourt side of "NBA 2K17," the Ankle Breaker badge will finally be unlocked after you meet the requirements in the mode. There are also some minor changes, such as the coach not berating you for missing practices while you're injured, fixes to the control scheme, and attribute points that are earned from off-court events saving properly to your character.

On top of all the important fixes to the game, a lot of cosmetics have been updated to make sure "NBA 2K17" looks like an accurate representation of the NBA today. Courts and some uniforms have been updated to look faithful. When the Xbox One and PC patch does drop, we'll let you know once we have information.

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