Spawn Eggs Coming to Minecraft on Xbox 360 in Title Update 9

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 14, 2013 07:42 PM EST

4J offered fans a small peek at what’s coming in the next Minecraft title update today on Twitter  – spawn eggs. Only available in the game's creative mode, spawn eggs  create the game's various NPCs, including animals, mobs, and villagers. They help provide "test subjects" to see if your traps are working right, or fight a mob you've never seen before, or just plain take out some frustration on a couple zombie pigmen.

Beyond spawn eggs, all that's been confirmed to be part of the next update include The End, the realm's "Ender Dragon" boss, and climbable vines. But title updates for the game in the past have offered significant additions, as well as numerous fixes. So as massive an addition as the End might be, there's a good chance more is coming. When discussing the last Update, the company had previously mentioned other features would come in a future update, including:

- Sheep will be able to grow back sheared wool by eating grass
- Missing potions
- Ocelots
- Iron Golems
- Activiation for The End portal frame (not officially mentioned as part of the new Title Update, but expect it, as it'd be kind of difficult to access the world without this feature

4J has yet to set a release date for the update, saying only that fans won’t be seeing it this month.

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