'Street Fighter V' Latest News & Updates: Halloween Costumes, Stage, Prices & More Announced; Cameo Characters Seen?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Oct 05, 2016 03:40 AM EDT

Capcom's "Street Fighter V" has released new content for the avid followers of the fighting game franchise-one which will definitely adhere to the coming Halloween season. Though not everyone will be able to see their favorite characters dressed up spookily, some of them are dressed rather handsomely and fitting.

Fans who may have collected enough fight money or have allocated real money for downloadable contents may want to take note of the latest for "Street Fighter V." Regardless of the amount, the said costumes and stage update are all meant to deliver a more eerie experience.

According to Polygon, the confirmed characters in "Street Fighter V" to get their share of Halloween costumes include Ryu, Charlie, Vega, Necalli, Alex, Juri and Cammy. So far, these characters are the only confirmed ones and are only a limitd time offer.

As per I Tech Post, these "Street Fighter V" costumes will be made available for purchase on the PlayStation Store and Steam starting October 11, all the way to November 29. Fans can purchase each costume priced at $3.99.

Apart from it, Capcom will generously launch a Halloween-themed stage for "Street Fighter 5" in the coming week, following the traditional jack o' lantern decorations accordingly. It will also bring forth some sneaky cameos, namely Effie and Necro who will be seen standing by a witch's cauldron-with both characters coming from "Street Fighter 3."

"Street Fighter V" rated the Halloween stage at $1.99 real money, but fans can also use 40,000 worth of Fight Money to acquire this particular map. That being said, the saving and spending should be worthwhile for the avid fans for the coming season of spooks.

So far, players were given ways on how to make more Fight Money in "Street Fighter V," which then allows them to purchase the necessary perks. One would be the "Daily Targets" which allows players to gain 100 to over 5,000 Fight Money upon accomplishment.

"Street Fighter V" is one of Capcom's prime titles for the generation, offering cross-platform play for all the current and next gen console owners. Keep posted for more gaming news and updates.

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