‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: Subreddit Section Purged, New Thread Suffering Same Fate?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 06, 2016 08:59 AM EDT

“No Man’s Sky” continues to get its fair share of criticism as Hello Games tries to frantically fix the disappointments of the ambitious space exploration games. Patches and new content are seen as the way to go though nothing has been officially rolled out.

There are a number of disappointed “No Man’s Sky” gamers while others simply join in to take jabs from various mediums. That includes potshots done over in social media such as Reddit. There was actually a subreddit catered for “No Man’s Sky” but the moderator decided to shut it down permanently in what was allegedly driven by negativity.

Enough is enough

The subreddit for “No Man’s Sky” (/r/NoMansSkyTheGame) had over 150,000 readers before it was taken down permanently. According to Digital Spy, the moderator (“r0ugew0lf”) decided to close shop since the thread offered nothing more than negativity and hate-filled discussions.

Obviously, the “No Man’s Sky” subreddit was intended for something like sensible discussions. But as most know by now, there is no ample control on social media to continuously manage such and apparently “r0ugew0lf” had enough of the blows that made the thread worthless.

For any other ordinary thread, this one may not gain that much attention. But the fact of the matter is that “No Man’s Sky” (whether big or small) is a high-profile game that somehow justifies the need for a thread on Reddit.

While there is no word on whether the original “No Man’s Sky” subreddit will ever be opened again, an alternative has been put up. It has about 7,000 readers as of now and could likely swell once discovered by critics and players of “No Man’s Sky”.

With no way to weed out the erring posters, it is likely that those folks who posted a lot of nonsense under “rougew0lf’s” watch will return as well.

As for Hello Games, the journey continues on how to improve the game with a patch reportedly set to come out soon, per a previous post.

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