‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: 11 New Countries To Support ‘Pokemon Go;’ Reasons For Incremental Release

By V Doctor , Updated Oct 07, 2016 03:30 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" continues to conquer even more countries all throughout the world as it has recently launched in 11 different countries worldwide. This signifies developer Niantic's continuous efforts to give as much people as possible the chance to enjoy the game as a Pokemon master. To say that "Pokemon Go" has been a worldwide hit is truly an understatement as its players are so vast that Niantic has even released Pokemon which are specific for different regions.

GameSpot reports that last September 29, "Pokemon Go" was released in different countries which include Macau, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Just a day after, developer Niantic also released the game in more countries which included Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Tukmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

"Pokemon Go" broke records when it was first released in the US and Europe last July as it was the most downloaded app in history in just its first week. The game was launched in Japan a little later, with Niantic saying that they were holding back the release for Japan until they were sure that servers could hold up. GameRant reports that while "Pokemon Go" has just been made available to wider fan base across the globe, there are still some notable regions without access the game; more notable China and South Korea.

These two countries could have potentially enormous amounts of "Pokemon Go" players but Niantic says that the countries' restriction of Google Maps is causing them problems. It appears, however, that Niantic would still want to see the game released in both countries despite those limits and will still be pushing efforts to make that a reality sooner or later.

The intermittent and incremental release of "Pokemon Go" is something that Niantic had to do so ensure that the game has been running properly on different server restrictions and limitations. While it is available on other countries, its run has not been all that smooth for example: it has been banned in Iraq citing security concerns. Niantic has been sued in The Netherlands for damage caused by players. While those challenges are present, Niantic still has a big change of keeping "Pokemon Go" at the top spot for mobile games as the title reportedly makes a whopping $2 million a day through microtransactions.

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