Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL Latest News & Update: Stepping Out of the Android Ecosystem with Never-Seen-Before Uniqueness! Impressive Specs & Features

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Oct 07, 2016 08:56 AM EDT

Despite a lot of reports suggesting that by releasing Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, Google has taken the competition up to Apple, it will be unjust to say that Google is trying to make an anti-iPhone. In fact, the two tech giants are not trying to compete against each other and have very different positioning s of their devices.

Even though the iPhones and Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL look similar design-wise, the very appeal of an iPhone lies in its omnipresence and familiarity with minor upgrades here and there. New software arrives across the entire platform all at once and hardware adds better and faster versions than its predecessors, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

On the other hand, Google wants people to believe that it has come up with something new. Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL has stepped out of the Android ecosystem and is offering everything Google, many of the features not yet found elsewhere.

The handsets host everything Google including Assistant, Daydream VR, live screen-sharing customer support and the very recent Google Duo and Allo that are built-in. This is one strong reason why Google dropped its Nexus branding in favor of Google Pixel. Google Pixel, the name itself, signifies newness as it's devoid of numbers and model indicators unlike other phones.

The iPhone and Google Pixel phones are for consumers who want very different things. Google Pixel runs on Android 7.1 but it's very different from what Sony and Samsung are preparing to include in their devices.

The various tweaks in the vanilla version of 7.1, the Dream VR mode and blue light filter, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are all about customizations. Google Assistant has been integrated throughout. Built-in chat support, "unlimited and automatic ability to back up and restore videos and pictures in full resolution," and smart storage solution are all exclusively Google.

Google is trying to directly compete with other Android premium smartphones by adding its own hardware and brilliant twist on the vanilla Android in Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. As per International Business Times, the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are not simply pure Android phones. They are a unique combination of best-in-class hardware and software smarts, never seen before.

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