'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How The New Capture Feature Works? Players Can Now Catch Mew, MewTwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos Easily?

By Daniel Flores , Updated Oct 08, 2016 10:14 AM EDT

The Buddy Feature that came last month proved that "Pokemon Go" has more to offer and Nintendo is not done bringing new to the table. Recent reports suggest that Niantic has once again released a new feature for the augmented reality game, which gives players of "Pokemon Go" better chances of getting them closer to capturing rare pokemons.

New Capture Feature In 'Pokemon Go'

Niantic, on its official webpage, teased "Pokemon Go" fans that a new Capture Feature for the game is soon to come. The Capture Feature for "Pokemon Go" will also reward player's medals and medals are limited to certain type of pokemons a player has captured such as Psychic, Kindler and Gardener.

The new Capture Feature for the "Pokemon Go" game boost the odds of a player of catching pokemon of the corresponding type. An example of this is, when a "Pokemon Go" player reaches a higher tier in the Kindler Medal, the higher the chances the player can spot a Fire-Type pokemon in the wild like Vulpix, Ponyta, and Charmander.

The Capture Feature for "Pokemon Go" also has bonuses when players catch a pokemon with multiple types and the bonus will be the average of bonus for each type of pokemon a "Pokemon Go" player can catch. So, for example, when a player caught Pidgey in the wild, the player will get a bonus for the average of a player's Normal-Type and a Flying-Type bonuses since Pidgey has two types.

However, Niantic has not officially revealed all the details regarding the Capture Feature for "Pokemon Go" nor officially stated a release date for the said feature. However, Niantic did assure fans that the Capture Feature will be on its way along with gym feature.

Even with the new features for "Pokemon Go" has not been announced yet, it's something to expect and look forward to in the near future. For more "Pokemon Go" news and update, stay tuned to GamenGuide!

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