'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Update: Pokemon Spawns, Now Easier To Find [VIDEO]

By Jason Glenn , Updated Oct 09, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

After the Buddy System update last month, Niantic Labs are releasing a new feature coming in the new "Pokemon GO" update. Adding this feature will make it easier to catch rare Pokemon, the "catch bonuses" for obtaining certain types of medals.

Since the launch of "Pokemon GO," medals have been a reward for certain achievements of the Pokemon trainer. According to WWG, when the new update is released, players will earn catch bonuses with medals such as Kindler, Psychic, and Gardner. That means it will be easier to catch certain types of Pokemon depending on the type of medal the "Pokemon GO" trainer achieves. For example, obtaining a Bronze Kindler award for catching Fire Pokemon will make it easier and have a better chance to catch other Fire Pokemons like Charmanders, Vulpix and Magmars before it runs away.

As they earn higher medals, players can also earn higher catch. Niantic has plans to move past "Pokemon GO's" current three tier medal system in order to give players even higher catch bonuses.

The announcement came shortly after Niantic secretly rolled out a few minor server side changes. The nest migration also switched up the Pokemon spawned in certain nests. The company also cracked down on players using third party apps and trackers.

Using a third party app such as an IV checker, tracker and joysticks while playing "Pokemon GO" a message will pop up warning players to discontinue use of the apps of will be sanctioned a ban. A Captcha system is also designed to shut down third party app's functionality on "Pokemon GO" and simultaneously been working on a permanent solution to block players with rooted phones.

Niantic has not specified on their website but just simply saying the feature is "Looking forward to this new feature, Coming Soon". The update will be released in the next few days on the Apple and Google Play Stores.

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