‘Apple iPhone 8’ Release Date, News & Update: Specs Unveiled; OLED Resolution Will Be Added; Virtual Home Feature Created.

By Rennie Quilab , Updated Oct 08, 2016 11:30 PM EDT

The act of making curved glass on the facade and back portions of "Apple" will alter home functions on its iPhone 8, most likely if the company will create an edge-to-edge OLED resolution. Rather than using the well-known circular home button of "Apple's" iPhone, it will be created as a virtual manifestation for iPhone 8.

According to Apple Insider, the Cupertino tech industry is currently on its way to improve "Apple's" iPhone 8 features which was recently announced by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The feature was recognized and described as "Capacitive fingerprint sensor including an electrostatic lens", in which it is anticipated to be added on iPhone 8 feature.

Certain reports also claimed that "Apple's" iPhone 8 will be adding an edge-to-edge OLED resolution to reduce phone's width. Rather than having the ordinary Touch ID home button that is depicted on the current iPhone and iPad variants, "Apple" is accordingly working on a virtual Home switch that has the same accessibility with the normal iPhone and iPad.

There are speculations suggesting that "Apple's" iPhone 8 may possibly announce a 3D resolution, but it will not be available if consumers will wear 3D eye device. The feature is anticipated to be bezel-less with a sleek glass from edge-to-edge to showcase its stunning appearance. "Apple's" iPhone 8 is said to add an optical image stabilization (OIS) having a dual-camera feature creating a wide-angle and common lens, empowered with A11 chip accumulated on 10nm manufacturing technology which is anticipated to make well-developed ability and battery runtime, a long-range charging than the pad-based charging.

As per report by the Mac World, the exposure of "Apple's" iPhone 8 is currently assumed according on the 10th iPhone anniversary in 2017. Other information relays that the anticipation of iPhone 8 debut schedule could possibly be on September 2018 for both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. "Apple Inc." has not stated any authentic announcements on the current news of iPhone 8.

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