‘Final Fantasy 15’ Latest News & Updates: Teddy Bear-Looking Moogles Return To Help Noctis Get Out Of Tight Spots

By V Doctor , Updated Oct 09, 2016 01:48 PM EDT

Square Enix recently revealed that the iconic critters, called Moogles, will appear in the upcoming "Final Fantasy 15." The Moogles will also be taking on a new role in the story.

GameRant reported that in 2015, "Final Fantasy 15" fans requested for the Moogles, which look like a teddy bear with a clown's red nose and batwings, to return. Game director Hajime Tabata ultimately decided that it was a good idea to bring back the Moogles in "Final Fantasy." Recently, it was hinted that the Moogle will be a lucky item that will come in the form of a doll in "Final Fantasy 15."

However, Square Enix also teased that the Moogles will have a greater role in "Final Fantasy 15" than merely sitting and waiting to be collected by the protagonists. Square Enix stated that "Final Fantasy 15" players can take the Moogle dolls and related goods as a lucky charm to help prevent all types of trouble. The game developer continued that maybe the Moogle will be useful when Noctis and his allies are in a difficult situation. Some players speculate that the Moogle doll may be a living thing, similar to the one that Lulu carried in "Final Fantasy 10."

IGN stated that overall, Hajime stated that the Moogles will not have a major part in "Final Fantasy 15." It is also uncertain how the cute dolls will be discovered by the game characters as the story progresses. These may be the focus of a particular stage, and offer a special kind of protection for certain predicaments. The Moogles will most likely be usable by any character in the story.

Furthermore, a Moogle Collection promotion was initiated by Square Enix which serves as a reward program that offers Moogle rewards when the "Final Fantasy 15" English and Japanese Twitter accounts reach particular milestones. The rewards were not clearly identified, but there will allegedly be eight in all, comprised of a Moogle Movie and seven mystery prizes. "Final Fantasy 15" will release on Nov. 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More updates and details on "Final Fantasy 15" are expected soon.

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