‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Gym Battles, PokeDex Expected To Arrive Quietly

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 11, 2016 02:59 PM EDT

Niantic has a lot of new features planned for “Pokemon Go” with most of them already implemented to the surprise of some players. Ideally, the company makes big announcements but it looks like with the long list of new features have forced the game developer to release updates once they are good to go.

Already mentioned in a previous post here on Game & Guide are new features such as improved gym battles, trading and that much-hyped ‘Catch Bonus’ intended to help “Pokemon Go” players capture rares.

But if the trend continues, some of the minor updates may slowly creep in such as this reported tweak tied up to “Pokemon Go” Gyms and the Pokedex. This has something to do with the new sightings feature which is now being monitored and recorded.

Gym critter sighting is old news

The improvement is notably different from how “Pokemon Go” players did before. Pokemon spotted at gyms now count as a sighting, broadening the things that ‘sightings’ can do and aid players to do further exploring.

Depending on how well one is familiar with the game, this is one feature that originally came out for “Pokemon Go”. It was included in the Pokedex and was able to record new pocket monster sightings and trainer battles, Game Rant reported.

Regardless, the point here is that the improved gym sightings feature may categorically be a minor change for “Pokemon Go”. That said, this could explain why Niantic simply issued the update though some players would have appreciated it with some kind of alert.

Moving forward, the big changes are the ones many “Pokemon Go” players are eager to see. This includes the trainer battles which have yet to get an actual roll-out date. By the looks of it, this patch could be out once Niantic rolls out “Pokemon Go” Gen 2.

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