‘Red Dead Revolver' Latest News & Update: Game Arrives On PS4; Apparently, Sony Has Backwards Compatibility For Console

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 13, 2016 02:45 AM EDT

It may have been a mistake the first time around, but "Red Dead Revolver" is again, present in the PS4 store for download. The PS2 original game was first spotted on the current gen platform few months ago in the UK and Australian regions. At the time, the game also had a hefty price tag; topping all other PS2 game titles. With no trophy support, one would think, it's rather a losing deal. Since then, the title was removed from the PS4 store.

Now, the "Red Dead Revolver" game has reappeared, but with a noticeable trophy support and enhanced graphics and visuals. The launching has been very quiet; in fact, few noticed that it has added North America on its list of regions. The game is the first entry in the rumored Red Dead trilogy. Just recently in July to be specific, the "Red Dead Redemption" game also made it to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list. Since then, rumors about a possible sequel or prequel has been talked about by fans on the internet.

Now, as "Red Dead Revolver" makes its way to the PS4 console, does it mean Sony is venturing on the backwards compatibility feature? Just how many PS2 games have already arrived on the console? According to the GameSpot, the title is now available for download on the PS4 Store with a price tag of $14.99. The game also features an exciting full 1080p up-rendered visuals.

Meanwhile, if you have been waiting for the next Red Dead series to arrive, it may take longer for that to happen. Since the Red Dead Redemption's appearance on the backwards compatibility list, Rockstar has remained silent on the possible creation of Red Dead Redemption 2. For the meantime, fans can enjoy the "Red Dead Revolver" and turn back time in the old Western setting of the game.

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