'Grand Theft Auto 6' News and Rumors: Do 'GTA Online' Microtransactions Slowing Down Mean New Game Coming?

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Oct 13, 2016 05:41 AM EDT

There's no denying that "Grand Theft Auto 5," released all the way back in 2013, made a truckload of money for its makers Rockstar Games. It's been three years now, however, and players are starting to move on; one can say that the fanbase is long overdue for "Grand Theft Auto 6."

Even though Forbes has once reported that "GTA Online"'s microtransactions have already netted the company at least $500 million dollars earlier this year (meaning Rockstar has completely made all of its production costs back just through the online mode) rumors are starting to surface that the revenue stream is starting to slow down to a trickle. Speculation goes that if Rockstar begins to start making less and less money on "GTA Online," this could mean that they could finally start shifting into second gear to get into "Grand Theft Auto 6." Forbes theorized that "GTA Online" would be enough reason to delay "Grand Theft Auto 6."

There is a concern, however, that the huge success of "GTA Online"'s microtransactions could mean that "Grand Theft Auto 6" could go the way of "Final Fantasy," namely "Final Fantasy 11" and "Final Fantasy 14." Those games were huge deviations in their particular series, becoming MMORPGs with paid subscription models.

That might translate to "Grand Theft Auto 6" possibly turning into what is pretty much a highly glorified mobile game, either featuring a single-player experience that needs a lot of microtransactions for you to get by, or a completely open-world, massively multiplayer online main installment, anything as long as players continue to spend money for and in the game and contribute to parent company Take-Two's success, as reported by Market Realist.

There are a lot of fantasies and theories going around what players want for "Grand Theft Auto 6," including maps based on London, Chicago, Houston, even Tokyo, among other possible locations. The game could also finally take a step toward bigger diversity and feature a female lead for the first time in franchise history, but as of now, everything we think we know about the game is speculation.

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