‘Death Stranding’ Release Date, News & Update: Hideo Kojima Reveals Connection Of Norman Reedus, A Baby & Dead Whales

By AASalvador , Updated Oct 13, 2016 08:23 AM EDT

In the upcoming "Death Stranding" video game by Hideo Kojima, players will be given the chance to play Norman Reddus' character. The role-playing game seems to be fully loaded with emotions as death and destruction are very vivid in the trailer. And who would be the partner of our protagonist in this bizarre concept of Kojima? Rumours say that Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) might possibly be the heroine. 

Hideo Kojima is a veteran in the game industry with "Metal Gear" and "Silent Hills" tied to his name. However, the latter was cancelled and the game developer left Konami. With his return in the industry, fans are excited to know what is in store in his latest game "Death Stranding."

In the trailer, players can see a naked Norman Reedus cuddling a baby who disappeared with traces of black footprints. An island full of dead whale and a sea with floating men will make the viewer wonder what Hideo Kojima is up to in "Death Stranding."

In an interview with Digital Spy, Hideo Kojima explained the relationship of Norman Reedus, the baby's umbilical cord and dead whales in "Death Stranding," though not extensively. Kojima said that to reveal the specifics would be like revealing who is the killer in a suspense movie. He likened the three elements to how mankind in the early days use the rope. Unlike the stick to keep unwanted things away, rope is use to tie the good things in your life.

Kojima Productions revealed in their social media account that "Death Stranding" will be available both in co-op and single play. That means that in the upcoming video game, the equivalent of both sticks and ropes will be used. It will be exciting to see how Norman Reedus' character connects the two elements together. HideoKojima's latest game will be launched in 2018 through PC and PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to GameNGuide for the latest news and update.

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