‘Pokemon Go’ Patch Release, Latest News & Updates: Trainers Can Now Form A Six-Pokemon Team To Challenge Gyms

By V Doctor , Updated Oct 13, 2016 02:23 PM EDT

"Pokemon Go" players are currently encouraged to gather and train their six best Pokemon with the latest 0.41.2 update for Android, and 1.11.2 update for iOS. Previously, 'Pokemon Go" trainers can only try to dominate a Pokemon Gym with a single Pokemon, but the new patch now allows a team of six creatures to challenge gyms.

CNet mentioned that before, it was very difficult to take on a Pokemon Gym with just one Pokemon. With the new "Pokemon Go" update, players have a better chance of taking over gyms by forming a team of six to battle others. After creating the power team of six, tap on a "Pokemon Go" gym and an option to battle will appear. Begin the battle by tapping on the glove icon found on the lower right portion and "Pokemon Go" will suggest six Pokemon for the training battle. Players may change the creatures by tapping on these and picking a new one from the list.

Before choosing a team, "Pokemon Go" trainers are advised to scroll through the Pokemon in their gym and check their type and CP. Choose the team of six by successively choosing the right type with the same or higher CP than the first Pokemon. After creating the team, tap the Go button and proceed to battle. "Pokemon Go" players who defeat a gym will receive XP and gym prestige. Pokemon will not level up as previously rumored.

Niantic Labs stated that the CP of the Pokemon to battle may be lower for the training session. The adjustment may only be temporary to allow "Pokemon Go" trainers with low CP Pokemon to take on gyms that are protected by very powerful creatures. Aside from the gym and team adjustments, the game developer also provided new add-ons in "Pokemon Go" update 0.41.2 and 1.11.2.

The patch notes stated that the "Pokemon Go" update allows trainers to earn a catch bonus for a Pokemon type if they continue to capture more of a specific type. There are egg and incubator screens, which will regularly update players with the total distance walked. "Pokemon Go" trainers no longer have to close and reopen the screen to view the information. The new update also addressed various audio issues, lowered the evolution animation time and added minor fixes to the hit mobile game.

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