‘Gears of War 4’ Latest News & Update: Latest Changes Makes It Easier To Earn Credits, Better Matchmaking

By V Doctor , Updated Oct 13, 2016 02:28 PM EDT

The developer of "Gears of War 4," The Coalition, has released a new update and this makes it much easier for players to earn credits which are the currency in the game. These in-game credits can be used to purchase booster cards in the game which can significantly affect a player's skills and performance.

In the official blog for "Gears of War," the developer said that they made the necessary adjustments based on the data and feedback over the past Credits system. They have designed the new Credits and Gear Packs system so that a player would be consistently rewarded with new content all throughout the game. "Gears of War 4" gamers also have the larger possibility of acquiring the most desired cards through the Card Creation system. They admit that after hearing player feedback, it became clear that the rate under which credits are earned were below their expectations, and the players'.

The goal of the new changes brought about by the latest update is to provide players of a more consistent reward per match and bring back the time needed for a player to earn Gear Packs. WCCF Tech reports that this new update, which is available for Xbox One and Window 10, also fixes a blocking issue in the game's campaign mode. A server-side update has also been released which is made, which is intended to improve matchmaking times alongside some significant tweaks to making the gaming experience much better. This new update takes up 300MB for the Windows 10 PC and just 200MB for the Xbox One, but delivers changes more far reaching than its size.

If the game is launched on Window 10 PC without having the new update installed, a message will popup which says that an update is needed to play with a link to the store. Clicking on the prompt will minimize the game and take a player to the store where he can download and install the update, which will then allow a player to play the game. "Gears of War 4" was released when a slew of mammoth games were also released which lessened its visibility; the studio however promises to work continuously to be able to consistently deliver to its players the fun they deserve.

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