GoPro Hero5 Latest News & Update: New Model Is Now 100% Waterproof?

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Oct 13, 2016 07:43 PM EDT

After four generations of the immensely popular GoPro Hero, the GoPro Hero5 is the first model to be completely waterproof. That means the ubiquitous transparent casing that has been a hallmark of the GoPro Hero series is now a thing of the past; it can now show its true sexy form.

The GoPro Hero5 features a touchscreen, much like the GoPro Hero4 Silver, that enables you to see what it is you're shooting and not have to wait before you import all your videos into a computer. The fully waterproofed camera is submersible up to 33 feet, which is pretty deep. 

The casing and the interface are not the only improvements made to the GoPro Hero5. The action camera has been fitted with an even better audio system, with three microphones included in three sides of the camera, from which the camera will automatically choose the best audio recording, and the introduction of noise cancelling, according to DC Rainmaker. The noise cancelling plus the advanced audio capturing setup allows the minimization of noise from the wind, important for when you're recording footage on extreme adventures.

On the actual camera front, the GoPro Hero5 now has the ability to take high-resolution photos in RAW format, same as a digital SLR camera would. It also can now take HDR photos, comes with image stabilization, and it could now show you the depth of field in images so you can play around with perspectives and focus. You can pretty much calibrate your photography with the GoPro Hero5 much like you would with a professional camera, setting it apart from most action cameras on the market.

One last neat feature is the ability to control the GoPro Hero5 with voice commands. The camera will recognize up to seven languages and let you customize the voice commands. The GoPro Hero5 comes in three models: the high-end Black for $399, the square Hero5 Session for $299, and the Hero Session for $199.

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