‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Recent Update Made to Lure Back Players? Increased Catch Rate, Gym Tweaks and More Details Revealed!

By Maui , Updated Oct 14, 2016 06:55 AM EDT

"Pokemon GO" is still the most played mobile game in present, even though its download rates decreased, the game still makes at least $2 million per day. Catching rare or special Pokemons is still one of the main problems of the players. But luckily Niantic released a new update on "Pokemon GO" that will increase the capture rate of Pokemons and it will be easier for the players to catch a certain type.

According to a report from IGN, the recent "Pokemon GO" update has the versions of 0.41.2 for Android and 1.11.2 for iOS devices. The update includes new features such as the new catch bonus system and a tweak to Gym training so that you can bring six Pokemon to battle, and the combat power of the Pokemon you are battling will be decreased for training a PokeGym. The new update might actually stop several players from using third party tracker applications.

Several reports say that the update has been made to lure back the players that stopped playing "Pokemon GO." Yes, even if the game is still the most famous and most played, "Pokemon GO" has been steadily losing users since its record-breaking July debut.

The Gym training update is made for the weak players or the new players that has low combat power Pokemons. Players can also get XP in training gyms either they win or lose. The new "Pokemon GO" update also encourages the players to train, raise gym level and stay active in the game.

However, a recent research study conducted by Standford University and Microsoft found out that the very popular augmented reality game "Pokemon GO" has the high potential to add 2.825 million years of additional life expectancy to players in the United States alone as stated by CNBC. To know the latest news and updates of "Pokemon GO," always stay tuned to GameNGuide.

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