'Clash of Clans' Release Date, News & Update: October Update Brings Significant Changes; Don't Miss It!

By Ben Lindon , Updated Oct 15, 2016 03:43 AM EDT

"Clash of Clans" has gotten a new update this October. It's the biggest update so far this year. The Supercell's popular mobile game has a number of new things to offer. Unprepared gamers are more likely to get overwhelmed by the update.

Fans of "Clash of Clans" can now make their own Bomb Tower, which is a new defense structure when the Town Hall level 8 is reached. The Bomb Tower is considered as a special building, just like its counterpart Clash Royale, which is perfect when it comes to dispatching enemies according to a report. This new addition could also require the player to reassess their strategies, Adweek reported.

The update also brings a new upgrade level to some of the troops and structures. Players of "Clash of Clans" can now level up the Baby Dragon, Dragon, as well as the Wizard for up to one more level. Structure-wise, players are now allowed to upgrade their Mortar, X-Bow, and Hidden Tesla up to one extra level too. These levels can be accessed by Town Hall 11 players only.

Another new thing brought by the new update is the training system. Players can now retrain two armies at the same time. Also, they can save their most favored combinations for future use. Apart from that, training troops will be less hassle to handle with the help of the retrain function.

Meanwhile, for minor additions, "Clash of Clans" October update also contain a number of rebalances, which were done to a couple of units. These include the Witch and Skeletons. Players are now allowed to add other players by simply using the new social feature, a new addition to the game, Gotta Be Mobile reported.

October is definitely a very important month for a lot of "Clash of Clans" aficionados. From major additions and tweaks to minor changes, the October 2016 update of "Clash of Clans" is totally something fans should look forward to. Watch a video about "Clash Of Clans" THIS NEW UPDATE CHANGES EVERYTHING!! - TRAIN MULTIPLE ARMY'S!

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