'Injustice 2' Release Date, News & Update: 2017 Release Features RPG Gameplay, New Characters, Powers and Gear System?

By Mia P. , Updated Oct 15, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

"Injustice 2" is rumored to release  in March 2017 with a PC version as well as on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The comic themed fighting game is also rumored to have an RPG style gameplay. New powers will also be unlocked as well as new characters for the sequel.

Previously, "Mortal Kombat" creator Ed Boon unveiled that a PC version was slated for "Injustice 2" but kept mum on its release date, WCCFTech reported. The PC version is also expected to launch alongside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles or soon after. Boon also noted that an "Injustice 2" mobile app was in the works. On that note, a poll had been made asking fans if an updated version of "Injustice" or a new mobile app was desired with the latter being the choice of the majority with 71 percent.

On another note, "Injustice 2" Game Developer NetherRealm Studios is expected to include RPG style elements to the gameplay of "Injustice 2" allegedly because of the sequel's Gear System. The system was a main concern of the game's fans who had thought that it could affect the overall balance of the gameplay. The studio's marketing manager Brian Goodman that the system would allow gamers to upgrade their character's abilities and stats by unlocking some loot gears after a match that will include an extra boost of powers and unlock new ones as well.

Meanwhile, "Injustice 2" is also rumored to include Jonah Hex, Darkseid, John Constantine, Doctor Fate, Captain Cold, Swamp Thing, Red Hood, King Shark, Dr. Manhattan, Starfire and Rorschach, among others. The sequel imposes the tagline: "Every Battle Defines You". The legendary Dark Knight will also receive a shiny new armor, upgrading his suit twenty levels higher, according to a report

The "Injustice 2" is also said to include playable characters that will move quicker and do a lot more damage. Hence, a villain is said to deal with more damage hits with a Batmobile or get punched out of space with the famous "Kryptonian Crush" by Superman. In addition, the game is also slated to have visuals similar to "Mortal Kombat X". Watch video about "Injustice 2" Announce Trailer - Coming 2017 | PS4

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