Nintendo NX Latest News, Release Date & Update: First Game Console Reveal Happening Next Week?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 15, 2016 09:59 PM EDT

Little has been said on what the Nintendo NX would look like, same with features that will make it stand out. While the release of the game console is not expected until 2017, folks who plan to get one may finally catch their first glimpse next week.

First Look Next Week?

Word of such comes from the Macquarie Group (via Shacknews) who claim that a first-hand glimpse of the much-talked about game console may finally be happening. There was the previous word that the Nintendo NX could be out by the Fall which somehow makes the dish plausible.

Timing may be a bit off though gamers who want to see what makes the Nintendo NX so special may finally satisfy that urge. Aside from the potential unveiling, the suggested retail price of the upcoming game console was also rendered. According to the firm, the Nintendo NX could be priced somewhere along the $300 to $350 price range, a fair cost that places the game console in check with rival brands (Xbox One and PlayStation 4), according to

Will it be better than the Wii U?

The Nintendo NX will obviously pick off from the Wii U, the current game console that has hardly come close to what Microsoft and Sony have in the market. The company reportedly kept it away from E3 2016 with Shigeru Miyamoto wary of ‘copycats’ as mentioned in a previous report.

As far as features are concerned, the rumor mill believes that the Nintendo NX will bring back the use of game cartridges as well as something that will be more mobile. The Nintendo NX can be hooked up to a bigger screen, features that make it pretty flexible.

All those could take the spotlight next week, assuming the claims of the Macquarie Group hold up. If not, potential buyers of the Nintendo NX may need to wait a bit longer to see whether the game console is worth the wait and buy in 2017.

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