‘Pokemon GO’ Trading System Release Date, News & Update: New Feature Confirmed and Set for Launch; Will It Help Boosts Game’s Decreasing Popularity?

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Oct 15, 2016 09:10 PM EDT

"Pokémon GO" is a very successful game when it was first launched in July. It immediately gained millions of players all over the world and everyone was instantly hooked. But just like any other game, players want improvements or something new added to the game as it can become tiresome at some point.

This is why Niantic Labs is set to introduce its new "Pokemon GO" Trading System. The addition is expected to make the game a whole lot better since the system is also what fans have been asking for ever since. Players are looking forward to it although the release date has yet to be announced.

Comicbook reported that John Hanke, Niantic Labs CEO, already confirmed that they have been working on the "Pokemon GO" Trading System and it will be released soon. The feature is actually used in other Pokémon video games where players can trade their monsters thus, its introduction to the augmented reality game is not really surprising anymore.

Moreover, one thing that confirms the "Pokemon GO" Trading System is coming to the game is the inclusion of trading system rules in its Terms of Service. Under the trading rules in the TOS, players are allowed to trade items, however, they cannot use any third party trading app. The trading system is only available on "Pokémon Go" marketplace anyway.

Although Niantic Labs have not mentioned any launch date for "Pokemon Go" Trading System, Pokemon Go Hub went ahead and predicted that it will come out anytime in this month of October. The team at the Hub estimated the time by calculating the time needed to develop, trial run and distribute this type of feature. All in all, they found that everything will take at least two months to complete so it has a high chance of being unveiled this month.

Lastly, Niantic Labs have to do something to stop the declining number of "Pokémon Go" players and the Trading System is one great idea. Besides, this is one of the most requested features from gamers so its addition should improve the game's dwindling fanbase.

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