‘Winds of Winter’ Cancellation & Update: ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ George RR Martin Eludes Limelight; Health In Trouble?

By Danae Parker , Updated Oct 16, 2016 04:08 AM EDT

Recent news and updates about "Winds of Winter" is not boding well. Rumors of the sequel of "A Song of Fire and Ice" in cancellation owing to George RR Martin's health is on the rise. Claims of the author's health in trouble has skyrocketed as well.

The attention of the world turns to the author of "A Song of Fire and Ice," and the demand to release "Winds of Winter" into the book stalls. However, with the rumors circulating that George RR Martin's health is heading on a bad turn, worries and apprehensions have filled the fans and enthusiasts.

Despite the surging rumors, there has been no proof of the author of "A Song of Fire and Ice," eluding the limelight due to bad health. To prove the latter, there are no load-bearing details that supports the notion of George RR Martin's health in trouble. Also, the author of "Winds of Winter" has not given any notion nor depicted any problems with his health.

Oh no, George R.R. Martin's back and he's gonna spoil Winds of Winter if we try to leave!pic.twitter.com/eXosETTFZ9

- CaR.L. Stine (@friedpundit) October 14, 2016

Contrary to the rumors, George RR Martin is pretty busy with his schedule and the upcoming projects and novels that he has to finish and among it is the "Winds of Winter." This is not the first time that George RR Martin has been tagged in a rumor. For one, a former report from GamenGuide revealed of some rumors of the gifted author.

According to the same report, the demand to release "Winds of Winter" has spawned a lot of issues for the fans and followers of the segment and claims have surfaced that the author of "A Song of Fire and Ice," George RR Martin is tired of the rumors and the presumption. 

In a different note, a separate post shared of some claims that some of the manuscripts for "Winds of Winter" were lost, but that notion has also been unverified. Even George RR Martin previously attested that he has all the materials he needs to pen the sequel of "A Song of Fire and Ice."

#GameofThrones : la sortie de "Winds of Winter" encore repoussée par George RR Martin ? https://t.co/d48neeJ1tK pic.twitter.com/nrpjb83bxG - Le Journal du Geek (@JournalDuGeek) October 5, 2016

However, given the rumors for "Winds of Winter" and with George RR Martin, none of these were verified and everything should be taken with a grain of salt in mind.

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