iPad Pro 2 Latest News, Release Date & Update: Can Apple Really Create A ‘Laplet’ Of Their Own? Impressive Specs, Features, Price!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 17, 2016 10:26 PM EDT

Apple is not expected to launch the iPad Pro 2 until March 2017 with the attention focused on the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 as well as a possible MacBook Air. Regardless, everyone knows how the Cupertino company has been trying to push the tablet as a laptop, or a ‘laplet’ similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Unlike the Surface Pro, the iPad Pro 2 could have some obstacles ahead. The main dish is that since it runs on iOS, the apps it can run on are different from macOS Sierra. Unless Tim Cook and company have something planned to address that issue, it seems hard to see the iPad Pro 2 being used as a laptop.

Hardware can support the Tim Cook claim

While that is up in the air, it is not expected to stop Apple from arming the iPad Pro 2 with powerful specs close to what modern day laptops carry. That includes seeing the tablet armed with an A10X chip which could atone in making it 80 percent faster than traditional laptops.

If the iPad Pro 2 does carry that much power, it will need supporting features. That includes a battery (hopefully not the exploding type) that can keep the tablet up for a longer spell. Rumors claim that the iPad Pro 2 will also come with four speakers and a True Tone display, capped by the Apple Pencil which will allegedly be used more extensively, this time, around, according to a previous post.

Three iPad Pro 2 variants

There will be allegedly three variants of the iPad Pro 2 coming out, something that comes from reliable Apple tipster and KGI analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Mashable reported. The devices will reportedly be more professional where targets include the commercial and educational sector.

The three iPad Pro 2 variants will be differentiated through their display sizes of 7.9-inch, 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch, the larger screens which may very well be catered to the professional sector.

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