‘GTA 6’ News Update: Are We Waiting in Vain? Or is the Latest Revelation from Analyst an Indication of Massive Release?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 18, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

The elusive "GTA 6" is currently, one of the most anticipated games this year. However, despite the clamour of fans to know the latest about the game, Rockstar remains quiet on the issue. Today, we may have found a solid reason why, "Grand Theft Auto 6" remains an unimportant issue to the developer.

Let's face it, "GTA 5" also known as "GTA Online" is still, impressively collecting millions of revenue for Rockstar. This was revealed by industry analyst, Daniel Ahmed in his twitter post. Despite the players' eloquent prodding for "GTA 6," the eerie silence of Rockstar only indicates, the are enjoying the millions of revenue.

"GTA Online" in the past failed to add any content, specially in the last 12 months of its existence, hence the clamour for "Grand Theft Auto 6" to arrive. But instead of announcing the sequel, Rockstar released the "GTA 5" Bikers DLC. The Bikers DLC initially set the pace for the aging racing game and instantly became the popular entry to the series, again.

The release of the Bikers DLC on "GTA 5" slammed the idea of "GTA 6" coming in the near future. According to the Attack of the Fanboy, as long as GTA Online is making revenue, bringing millions to the table, it's impractical for Rockstar to start discussing and put to prototype, the highly anticipated "GTA 6."

For now, we can only hope for another "GTA 5" DLC or the requested single-player story DLC for the current Grand Theft Auto series. It's fair to say now that, "GTA 5's" lack of content in the past initiated the news of a possible "Grand Theft Auto 6' arriving soon.

What are your thoughts about the apparent absence of GTA 6 and Rockstar's failure to address the issue? Are you confident that there will be a "Grand Theft Auto 6" in the future?

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