Dead Rising and Final Fantasy XV Spoofs Red Dead Redemption

By Iryne , Updated Oct 18, 2016 08:01 AM EDT

Within twenty-four hours Rockstar Games have been throwing teasers, which at first revealed too little leading to a second image released earlier, which led everyone to speculate that it may either be a new Red Dead game.

The first image appeared in social media with Rockstar Games's logo in a completely red background followed by a second image where there are seven armed cowboy silhouettes walking away from the setting sun.

Square Enix, using the basic components of Rockstar's image, has put its own interpretation using the four main characters of Final Fantasy XV as silhouettes. In this version, it's pretty clear who the four characters are -- unlike the seven in Rockstar. Dead Rising Twitter account joined in releasing their own take.

According to an analysis posted in Polygon, the seven silhouettes could be the members of Dutch's gang with presumably John Marston standing at the center and Bill Williamson to his right. Could this mean that the teaser image for the next entry is a hint to a prequel of the franchise?

Rockstar Games have a tendency to use different leads in their franchise and further evidence to support the prequel theory is an image reportedly to be a game's world map appeared in NeoGAF which says the game would take place before Red Dead Redemption.

The last time Rockstar revealed a new game was five years ago, October 25, 2011 for the Grand Theft Auto which was followed by a trailer a week after. The game was released within two years later.

It was initially speculated that the Red Dead Redemption game will be revealed at Sony's press event for Playstation 4 Pro but this never came to fruition. With this recent buzz, it could indicate an upcoming move to reveal the story behind the teaser.

Take-two, the parent company of Take-two has not yet made any official comment to confirm the speculations surrounding the teasers. They said in May that they will launch new games but none of which will be out until April 2017.

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