‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Demo, News & Update: Data Miners Reveal About 800 Pokemon & Eight Ultra Beasts

By V Doctor , Updated Oct 19, 2016 01:12 PM EDT

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo is currently out and has been datamined for new details. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" datamine information was presented through various online videos, featuring new monsters, abilities and item sprites.

GameSpot reported that the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" special 3D demo is available now on the eShop, although it may not be present in all regions yet. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo features Greninja on the roster, which can turn into Ash-Greninja and transferred to the full game. Data miners also found that many of the sprites in the demo are shinies or Pokemon versions in rare colors.

Kotaku noted that data miners immediately focused on the eShop files to get more information about the upcoming game. Based on the leaked information, there are about 800 creatures in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

The sprites of several unannounced Pokemon and final evolutions of the starters were also shown, some of which are the same as in previously revealed images. There were also variations of familiar characters, like Pikachu with a hat. It may mean that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players can dress up Pikachu and other monsters in-game.

More images of the ultra beasts in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" were also presented. These do not have the same physical attributes as regular Pokemon, which could mean that they are entirely different or aliens.

The demo revealed a total of eight ultra beasts, although the official "Pokemon Sun and Moon" may include more. More AlolanPokemon were also spotted, although all were variations of first generation creatures.

The complete Pokedex in the demo contained about 800 Pokemon, but not all were in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo. There were more tropical monsters and pre-evolutions for the two legendary Pokemon that appear on the game cover. However, totem Pokemon were not viewable, but data miners stated that they will continue to share more details as these become available.

According to The Pokemon Company, Pokemon Bank functionality for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will be added via a January 2017 update. The game will officially launch on Nov. 18, 2016.

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