‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Release Date, News & Update: Pokedex Leak Unveils Ultra Beasts, New Pokemon Monsters

By RG Ferrer , Updated Oct 19, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak has already unveiled several new features, as well as Pokemon monsters for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game "Pokemon Sun and Moon." However, data miners have recently uncovered the game's Pokedex contents that contain never-before-seen creatures and other interesting details.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been one of the highly anticipated gaming titles for the Nintendo 3DS device. In the past months, The Pokemon Company and game developer Game Freak has been consistent in its release of teaser videos that contained details about the upcoming game. Players were also given a peek of its new Alolan region and Pokemon monsters during the game's demo.

Released on Oct. 18, the demo provided gamers a chance to experience what "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has to offer. However, data miners took advantage of the said demo event to extract what appears to be the game's Pokedex files.

YouTuber Kaphotic has uploaded several videos that unveiled the game's various Pokemon monsters and their abilities, Forbes reported. The said clips contain an extensive report of the game's Pokedex that revealed several creatures' skill sets, special moves, as well as information on sprites and more.

It appears that game developers have incorporated around 800 Pokemon monsters into the upcoming Nintendo 3DS gaming title. Some of these creatures and their evolved forms were already featured in earlier announcements. However, there are still a handful of Pokemon monsters that Game Freak has yet to reveal such as the mysterious Ultra Beasts.

Details on the said creatures' purpose and potential location in the game's new Alolan region have yet to be disclosed. However, a Nintendo representative recently told Polygon that Ultra Beasts will play an important role in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" story arc. Players can also capture the mythical Ultra Beasts, according to the representative.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will be released on Nov. 18 for Nintendo 3DS. Watch the game's latest teaser video below:

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