‘Pokemon GO’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Best Attacker of Each Pokemon Type Plus Move-Sets! Better Than Legendary Birds' Moves?

By Luis Vincent Gochoco , Updated Oct 19, 2016 09:23 AM EDT

With Pokemon in every "Pokemon GO" gym usually consisting of Snorlax, Exeggutors, Vaporeons or Lapras'. Well, Let's see if they are even the best attackers of their individual type in "Pokemon GO."

All these information are from Redditor Nplumb. He also made an infographic showing a detailed look of the Pokemon and its move-set and all of the Pokemon listed on the infographic benefit from STAB.

'Pokemon GO' Normal Type

The best attacker for Normal type Pokemon is surprisingly not the "Pokemon GO" gym favorite Snorlax but cute, little Wigglytuff. With a move-set of Pound and Hyperbeam, it beats Normal type Pokemon like Lickitung, Chansey, Persian and Snorlax.

'Pokemon GO' Dark Type

The most effective Pokemon in "Pokemon GO" that has the same Dark type move-set is Gengar with Sucker Punch and Dark Pulse. However according to YouTuber Trainer Tips, Pokemon that only has one Dark-type fast attack move like Bite deals more damage than Gengar such as Arcanine and Gyarados.

'Pokemon GO' Grass Type

For "Pokemon GO" Grass types, its best attacker is Victreebel with the move-set of Razor Leaf and Solar Beam. Aside from this, Victreebel is also has great defense and stamina as well.

'Pokemon GO' Dragon Type

As expected, Dragonite is the most effective DPS off all Dragon types in "Pokemon GO." With a combination of Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw, is for sure at its strongest but don't worry, up next will be the King of "Pokemon GO's" gym battle best counter.

'Pokemon GO' Ice Type

Not known to many but just like Superman, Dragonite also has its own Kryptonite. Ice type Pokemon in "Pokemon GO" are effective counters for Dragonite and can deal a significant amount of damage. The best Pokemon for attacking purposes is Cloyster with an ideal move-set of Frost Breath and Blizzard.

'Pokemon GO' Ground Type

For ground type Pokemon Golem is shown to be the strongest attacker on the infographic with Mud Shot and Earthquake. However, with Niantic's past "Pokemon GO" updates has hindered any Golems to obtain this move-set with any evolution as of the moment, Rhydon with Mud Slap and Earthquake is the next best alternative.

'Pokemon GO' Electric Type

It's not the most popular Pokemon Pikachu that's the strongest Electric type in "Pokemon GO" but close. Its next evolution Raichu is the strongest electric attacker with the move-set Spark and Thunder.

'Pokemon GO' Fairy Type

There is actually no Fairy type fast move in "Pokemon GO" just yet, however the infographic shows a Clefable with Pound and Moonblast will deal most damage. According to Trainer Tips, a Wigglytuff with Pound and Play Rough is also a great alternative.

'Pokemon GO' Poison Type

Muk is considered as the strongest Poison type attacker in "Pokemon GO" with Poison Jab and Gunk Shot. Weezing and Weepinbell however are not far behind if given the move-set of Acid and Sludge Bomb

Highest DPS Cheat Sheet with new Type Icons, formatted to fit iOS10 picture viewer from pokemongo

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