Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, News & Update: Specs & Features Doomed To Fail; Others Turn To MacBook Pro?

By Aloha Baldovino , Updated Oct 19, 2016 09:56 AM EDT

Despite the promising features of the highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 5, there are negative notions that the specs and features of the device is doomed to fail. Claims of tech users turning to MacBook Pro has skyrocketed as well.

Although the presumptions were not verified, tech users are still wary. However, as for the notions that the specs and features of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 are not that great, those notions were debunked and even the rumors of the tech enthusiasts preferring the MacBook Pro remains to be seen as well.

The rumors surrounding Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is not new. There were claims already mentioned in the past. To prove the latter, GamenGuide reports of some hurdles that the device has to face and overcome.

In terms of the specs and features, many are still hoping that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 would be unparalleled to the core. It is inevitable that tech companies would integrate many changes and innovations for their devices and it is expected that Apple, Microsoft and other tech brands would implement changes to gain the upper edge, as noted by the same post.

In a different report published by Learn Bonds, for those that are into Microsoft devices, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to have an upgraded Surface Pen along with a rechargeable battery.As for the release date, Microsoft has remained silent regarding the details of its release.

Given the stunning specs and features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, it is inevitable that it would be compared to Apple's MacBook Pro, as for the rumors linking the two devices, it should be taken with a grain of salt in mind.

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