'Mafia 3' Latest News & Update: Gripping Storyline Makes up for Tons of Glitches & Mediocre 'Mafia 3' Gameplay

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 19, 2016 06:15 PM EDT

There are quite a lot of negative impressions about "Mafia 3" in the gaming community but it is also worthwhile to look at awesome storyline that this title provides. So here is anti-hero Lincoln Clay's trip down New Bordeaux - or now New Orleans way back in the late 60's.

To start with, "Mafia 3" banks on the time-proven element of revenge against all odds plot. African-American Clay is coming off fresh from his Vietnam War tour but tangled against Marcano Crime Family when they killed his adopted family. Needless to say, Clay should take part of the blame because he jumped into life of crime after being discharged from the army. His family was collateral damage when dark karma caught him.

"Mafia 3" created a persona who needs to battle not just an organized crime syndicate but corrupt system backing the thugs as well. This theme made the title a gripping storyline which can nail gamers at their playing couch. Come to think of it, "Mafia 3" has an excellent foundation but lacks in other elements like gameplay and limited open world, Venture Beat said.

Now for the fun part, it was a given that "Mafia 3" anti-hero Clay will ultimately vanquish the Marcano Crime Family. He amassed great wealth after building his own criminal empire in New Bordeaux but still, a proper closure is needed to call the title truly finished. There are 2 possible scenarios that the character could take, MafiaWiki narrated.

First good option for "Mafia 3" players is to continue a criminal life and take over Marcano's syndicate. Clay will cover his tracks through various charitable activities. However, this path will lead to either Clay losing an important person in his life or him being assassinated in the end.

Lastly, golden-hearted "Mafia 3" gamers can choose to make Clay leave New Bordeaux. This option provides a good retirement with stash of money sufficient to evade anyone in his tail and travel around the globe. What do you think? Pick your option come endgame.

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