PAX East 2013: Twisted Pixel shows Off 'LocoCycle,' Announces 'Ms Splosion Man' On iOS

By Trevor Ruben , Updated Mar 22, 2013 11:29 AM EDT

PAX East is a place for the zaniest and most creative independent game designs on the planet, but no one quit fulfills that first requirement like Twisted Pixel can especially with their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release, "LocoCycle." Players control I.R.I.S., a futuristic-looking motorcycle prone to taking on her bad guys with martial arts as she zooms on down the desert road. But we already knew about I.R.I.S. Twisted Pixel is taking their time at PAX East to show us Pablo, the man I.R.I.S. drags over the road behind her over the course of the entire game, her trusty mechanic.

In anticipation of the event, Twisted Pixel released a trailer showing off some new footage of the game and interviewing Pablo's voice-actor, Freddy Rodriguez, best known for his role on HBO's "Six Feet Under." Check out the humorous clip below, where Rodriguez mistakes his role in "LocoCycle" as a character in "Call of Duty."

Twisted Pixel also let loose the small detail of "Ms. 'Splosion Man' release on iOS by the end of March with additional power-ups available through an in-game store, according to Joystiq. It's unclear what business model Twisted Pixel intends to use, but you can be sure the word microtransaction will be involved.

While the iOS release is almost upon us, "LocoCycle's" XBLA release is remains unclear. Twisted Pixel is giving us a bland 2013 release window, yet I.R.I.S. seems to know a bit more. The end of the trailer notes:

"Pablo, if my calculations are correct, our game should be coming out relatively soon."

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