'Super Mario' Release Date, News & Update: Nintendto Switch Trailer Teases A Brand New Game?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Oct 22, 2016 01:21 PM EDT

An all new "Super Mario" game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The 3D "Super Mario" game was unveiled during the first preview trailer of the approaching release of the Nintendo Switch. Although there are still no details on how the game works but it looks something like the "Super Mario Galaxy" or "Super Mario 3D world".

Screen grabs of the trailer of the new "Super Mario" game was released by Forbes. In the 3 minute 33 second trailer of the Nintendo Switch, we get a glimpse of the desert-looking region. Mario can also be seen jumping in a brightly colored Old western village.

The "Super Mario" game was displayed in a television while you can see a woman executing the Nintendo Switch in action. The trailer also shows the Nintendo Switch utilizing its capability to be both a home and portable console.

Aside from the possible "Super Mario" game, some of the most loved game also made an appearance. Each game shows off the Nintendo Switch console's features.

According to The Verge, these appearances include the "Elder Scrolls," which have struggles to find a home on mobile consoles in the past. The Nintendo Switch trailer also emphasizes the local multiplayer of "Mario Kart" and the "NBA Game".

The new "Super Mario" is the backbone of new Nintendo hardware while "Splatoon" will target e-sports making it explicit for the Nintendo Switch. There are still no confirmations if both "Mario Kart" and "Splatoon" are the Wii U version of the games or the new versions are made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

There are still no official tittle of the new "Super Mario" game or any information about its release. However, Nintendo has announced more details about the Nintendo Switch coming this March 2017. There are also a list of publishers, developers and middleware manufacturers released by Nintendo that support the console.

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