Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, News, & Update: Device Slated for October Launch? Amazon Listings Mark 2015 Models as Old Versions

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Oct 21, 2016 10:15 AM EDT

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been the subject of many rumors, with the most important one being its release date. Given the device's popularity and capabilities, when will the Surface Pro 5 actually come out?

October Launching

The most compelling rumor is that the tech giant will be releasing the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 during its event this month. This will be happening on October 26, which is less than a week from now. It may be accompanied by the more premium Surface Book 2. It may also arrive with the rumored All-in-One Surface PC.

This rumor of an October Microsoft Surface Pro 5 launch just keeps getting affirmed by some instances, the most recent one being the Amazon listings. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the original Surface Book have now been marked as old versions in their respective listings.

This may be the biggest hint dropped by any authorized figure regarding the Surface Pro lineup. However, this could also mean that they may just be a minor update coming to the listed devices. So, is Microsoft Surface Pro 5 coming this month? We'll see.

Refreshed Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

There have been reports supporting the claim that Microsoft will have better chances if it just refreshed the current lineup rather than replacing them, which clearly suggest that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might not be needed. This means that upgrading the hardware and software will be a critical move for the tech giant.

The refreshed versions of the Surface Pro 4 and the original Surface Book should now come with the Kaby Lake chips from Intel, instead of the Skylake processors. This could explain the Amazon listing pertaining to the latest iterations being marked as old versions. But, would it be better to have Microsoft Surface Pro 5 instead?

If this rumor proves to be true, then Microsoft would be pulling off what Apple is currently doing with its iPhones. The company introduces a new smartphone -- probably the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, and then the following year, an 'S' version would be released, improving on the previous model.

2017 Release?

There are still those who believe that Microsoft will be releasing the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 next year. this goes in line with the fact that Intel will be releasing the Kaby Lake processor next year. To effectively deliver the highest end and most premium specs to the user, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might have to sit out this year.

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