iPhone 7 Latest News & Update: Apple Conducting A Recall? Australian Unit Catches Fire & Burns Down a Car? More Details Here

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Oct 21, 2016 10:22 AM EDT

It seems like the hottest trend among smartphone nowadays is bursting into flames. Following the recent recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries, the newly released iPhone 7 may be experiencing the same problem.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall is still a fresh memory in the tech world. Now known as one of the biggest blunders encountered by a well-known company, it has served more as a safety lesson for other manufacturers. But, is Apple's iPhone 7 following its greatest rival today?

As it turns out, Apple seems to be following the footsteps of its Korean competitor a little too much. Mat Jones, a surfing instructor from Australia, claims that his iPhone 7 burst into flames and took down his car with it.

A report from Channel 7 News details the whole incident. It was stated that Jones had wrapped the iPhone 7 with his pants and left the device in the car under a bunch of clothes. When he returned to his car after a surfing lesson, he saw his vehicle in flames.

In his interview, Jones said that his car was filled with smoke, with nothing to be seen from the outside. When he got in, he saw that ash was coming from inside the pants. Upon unwrapping the jeans, he saw the iPhone 7 melting inside of it. The car's interior is also severely damaged, with the fire charring most parts of the vehicle down to a crisp.

Jones is now left with neither a phone nor a phone after the incident. The report has also stated that Apple has already been made aware of the situation. The company has already committed to investigating the incident to determine whether or not a defective iPhone 7 unit caused the fire.

The main possible culprit may be the external heat. As the car was parked by the beach and the iPhone 7 was covered with clothes, there is a huge possibility that heat built up inside the car, which eventually made its way to the phone. This circumstance could actually happen to any phone, as overheating may directly lead to eventual explosion.

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