'Battlefield 1' News & Update: Game Set For Combat? Players Must Be Ready To Play World War 1?

By MPEO , Updated Oct 21, 2016 06:54 AM EDT

"Battlefield 1" gets the attention of gamers who are looking for some true action and wants to experience the thrill of a war. Electronic Arts (EA) and the developer Dice have now released "Battlefield 1" for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The full output of "Battlefield 1" is credited to all the inputs of "Battlefield" community that have played and experienced the game's open beta. Lars Gustavsson, game's design director, said that they broke all records for game demos for the avid gamers who showed some support by providing suggestions to improve the game.

In addition, Gustavsson said they were overwhelmed by the support and suggestions of the "Battlefield 1" community. The developers have done a lot of tweaks to the game for a better playing experience. He said, one of the tweaks they did was "tuning down the overpowered Light Tank," New.com.au reported.

According to PC Advisor, the setting of the game is not futuristic, but instead, EA decided to use the era of World War 1. EA said that "Battlefield 1" will allow the gamers to "witness the birth of modern warfare." Also, EA added that the Great War will let players see how new machines and weapons created during the most "technologically divergent war of all time."

Affirming with the decision, Gustavsson pointed out that setting WWI in "Battlefield 1" is relevant for the team and players to visualize how the experience of WWI days have resulted in what the world is now. Moreover, the senior producer of Dice, Aleksander Grondal, said that the authenticity, epic scale and team play of "Battlefield 1" will give a fresher experience for the gamers.

Additionally, some features of the game are the usual multiplayer selection classes, new vehicle classes and six ranged weapon classes. In melee combat of "Battlefield 1," weapons has different statistics like fast and weak, some are slow but powerful and some will upgrade as tools once targeted barricades and vehicles are destroyed. "Battlefield 1" can be purchased on Amazon, GAME, and Origin, PlayStation stores and at Xbox stores on Oct. 21.


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