'Diablo' Creator's 'Marvel Heroes' MMO Release Date Revealed

By Trevor Ruben , Updated Mar 25, 2013 01:06 PM EDT

Gazillion Entertainment's "Marvel Heroes," the free-to-play MMO from the mind of "Diablo" creator David Brevik will be available for everyone on June 4. Player can take control of a wide-array of Marvel comic book heroes, utilizing their various powers and abilities in Diablo-style action-rpg gameplay, all the while existng in a massively-multiplayer online world. While anyone and everyone can get their hands on the game come June 4, players eager to jump in can invest in a number of starter packs for early access.

According to IGN, players who buy the Ultimate Pack will get access a week in advance, while anyone who buys the Premium and Starter packs can enjoy the game four or two days in advance, respectively. Before you roll your eyes, Brevik told IGN players can play through the entire game and earn "99 percent" of available loot on their own. Of course, that extra one percent is probably some pretty juicy stuff. Players can buy both characters and items in the in-game shop, according to the "Marvel Heroes" web page.

For additional details, like individualized loot similar to "Diablo 3" and the various characters available at launch and their abilities, check out the extended gameplay and interview with Brevik below, courtesy of IGN. Spiderman, Thor, Colossus and other heroes are on display.

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