‘Halo 4’ Gets New Matchmaking Update: What Does It Tell Us? [UPDATE]

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Mar 26, 2013 07:43 AM EDT

The “Halo 4” developers, 343 Industries, keep pushing out regular updates to support the game. Now there’s another one.

The company put out a brand new matchmaking update along with episode nine of Spartan Ops9. The Majestic FFA has also been replaced by the limited-time-only Community Forge FFA playlist.

Halo Waypoint states that the maps in this new playlist are from the finalists of the recently concluded “Halo 4” Forge Contest, in association with Certain Affinity and the Community Cartographers.

The Maps include:

  • Black Site by The Fated Fire
  • Bloodthirst by iiHopp
  • Edifice by Redemption1272
  • Malice by AgentPaperCraft
  • Opus by SHIFTY time
  • Plaza by Smexi Bilzo
  • Assault by NLTROOO
  • Serenity by DG Intensity

This new playlist, as the report states, “will only be around for a short while, after which it will be replaced by an FFA playlist that will include on-disc maps, Majestic DLC, and possibly one or more of the above Forge maps.”

Moreover, Team Throwdown, the company’s premiere competitive playlist, has also received an important update. “Version 3 of Gh057ayame’s BR-start settings has made its way into playlist voting options, along with Halo 4’s “Pro” settings that can currently be found in Doubles Pro,” Waypoint notes.

Both variants feature game modes on the Majestic maps, and the playlist’s voting slots have been randomized. Also, the Deluxe settings have been replaced by the Doubles Pro Settings, alongside a conversion to 4 vs. 4, in Team Throwdown.

These settings will now offer the option to use the DMR, LightRifle, Battle Rifle or Carbine in pre-set game loadouts.

“Lightning CTF will also be making its way into the Action Sack playlist this week. If you missed the Action Sack announcement, Lightning CTF is a fast-paced game mode in which players start with LightRifles, the Flag is transported on the Flag carrier’s back, and one shot anywhere on the body will kill,” the report adds.

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