'Battlefield 4' Rumors Round Up: DLC and New Features, New Screenshots Leak

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 26, 2013 08:36 PM EDT

"Battlefield 4" is set to be unveiled later this evening at GDC in San Francisco. But before that happens, let's go over all the rumors associated with the game, and see just what'll stick.

Multiplayer is often what keeps the "Battlefield" players coming back for more, so let's start there.

We heard earlier about the idea of 64-player maps from Battlefield 4 Central. That same source is now citing Chinese tech forum Chiphell, which is claiming a source from EA China as saying this only for the PC version of the game, whereas consoles will once again be limited to 24.

As far as the maps go, rumors say they'll all be set in Asia, and based on real world locations. Tianamen, Shanghai Bund, Xizhimen, and Diayou Island have all been proposed as potential maps. Likewise, DLC maps are said to be Asian locations, and are remakes of maps from "Battlefield 2." They're said to include Wake Island, Dalian Plant, the Great Wall, and Daqing Oilfields.

DICE has also been teasing fighting on land, sea, and air with recent trailers, making us suspect that all sorts of vehicels will likely be featured. With China as a setting and rumored faction, we'll likely be getting some of their arsenal to play with as well. The US is said to have the M1 Abrams Tank, whereas rumored Chinese vehicles include the Xian Y-20 Transport Jet, Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fighter, Chengdu Xianglong unmanned UAV, and the Type-99 Tank.

Now, for the eye candy. The pics below found their way onto Battlelog courtesy of a user with the handle of BBackbone. Take a look at 'em below.

DICE's official "Battlefield 4" unveiling is on the way. Check back, and we'll let you know everything as it happens.

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