Official 17 Minute 'Battlefield 4' Gameplay Reveal: All the Details and Footage Right Here [TRAILER]

By Trevor Ruben , Updated Mar 27, 2013 05:28 AM EDT

Following rumors, reveals of reveal dates and general EA and DICE posturing, the day is finally upon us that we get our first official look at "Battlefield 4." Check out the 17 minute nonstop campaign gameplay footage below, which shows off DICE's "Call of Duty-killer" in all its next generation glory.

The video, entitled "Fishing in Baku," begins with four soldiers, yourself included, careening to the bottom of a body of water in a truck, flashing back to show just how they got there. Explosions, gunfights and vehicular combat, all shown off with some truly impressive visual effects in the lighting and water department, ensue. Judging from the button prompts, it looks like the footage is from the PC version of the game, and the safest bet is it's probably something akin the most powerful consumer-ready PC you can get your hands on. Enjoy.

As for a release date, the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions are set for Fall 2013, while next-gen versions for the PS4 and Microsoft's next console remain unannounced. Players can pre-order for access to the "Premium Expansion Pack." Additionally, PC players who pre-order the digital-only "Digital Deluxe" version will also gain access to the game's beta.

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